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Help Thunderbird Email app is sort of unique. It has a built-in extensions manager that is full of great tools created by the Thunderbird community. There’s probably already an extension for that nagging problem. You keep encountering with email apps, or for your idea. On how to make things faster and help for Thunderbird help.

A setup wizard will get all of your email accounts gathered safely within. Thunderbird and a strong search tool ensure you will be able to find whatever it is you’re looking for. Those of you who handle enormous amounts of email will love the activity manager that keeps track of everything you do within Thunderbird. Can’t remember which folder you sent that email to? Just have a look at the log and see where it went. Read more

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Automatic Account Configuration in Thunderbird

Setting up a new account with Thunderbird is easy. All you need to do is provide your user name and password for your email provider and your email address.
Open your Thunderbird, you are prompted to create a profile.
add a new email account (File > New > Mail Account or via the Account Settings).e1

1.When you press Continue, Thunderbird will look up the email provider and attempt to determine the server settings.e2

2.In the above case, the provider data has been used to fill in the account details and configure the services offered:

  • Incoming mail: IMAP on, using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Outgoing mail: SMTP on, using SSL
  • choose one option

3.To complete account setup:

  • Create Account: Press this button to create a new account.
  • Cancel: Abort the automatic setup of the account.
  • Manual Setup…: Manually configure the account. Thunderbird will create a new account with the details shown and then open the Account Settings dialog so that you can make further changes. (See Manual Account Configuration for help.)

4.After creating the account, Thunderbird will display the new account:e3
If your account cannot be automatically configured by Thunderbird, you must manually configure it. This is done via the Account Settings dialog, accessed from the Tools menu.

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How can I configure email in Thunderbird?

How can I configure email in Thunderbird?

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It’s easy to send and receive messages online with Workspace Webmail. But you also can access your email with an email client, a third-party application — such as Mozilla Thunderbird® — that manages the delivery and receipt of messages from your account.

Thunderbird does not support Exchange-based email like Hosted Exchange or Office 365.

When you install Thunderbird and add an account to it, the client attempts to automatically detect information that includes your port and server settings. If it’s successful, Thunderbird sets up your email with just a few clicks. If Thunderbird doesn’t detect your settings, you must enter them manually.

Follow the first few steps to set up your email automatically with Thunderbird. Follow the remaining steps if you need to manually enter your settings.

To setup Mozilla Thunderbird with your email, you need to know your POP or IMAP email server settings. To find them, go to the Mozilla Thunderbird Support.

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